It's amazing that I get to call this my job.  All the newborn snuggles, toddler curiosity, giggly children, laughing families fill my heart!  Nothing brings me more joy than capturing those special moments to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

This is me. I am blessed to call a man I absolutely adore my husband for 10 years now. He has encouraged and supported me in everything.  I am also the proud mother to two little boys, Miles (8 years) and Noah (3 years) and two little girls, London (6 years) and Harlow (2 months).  Without them, I may have never discovered my passion for photography.  I’m astounded daily at how quickly they grow and how fast time passes by, and forever thankful that I am able capture as many of their childhood moments as possible.  They are where it all started, my love affair with photography!  Photography enables us to capture those ordinary bits of time that may not seem like anything special when the shutter clicks, but will ultimately be the moments that we treasure most after they have long passed us by.

It would be an honor to be invited to capture the special moments in your family.  

– Lisa Michelle, Rolla Newborn and Family Photographer